Guide to Video Production

For video production to be successful, you need to follow the right steps during production (marius loland). These steps will always guide you into the right thing, and if you are a beginner in this field, follow the steps necessary.


This comes first before you even think of something else, and the concept is simply whatever you want to accomplish with that particular video ( Know who your audience are, the message you trying to pass, amongst other things. Failing to look at the concept, the making of your video might fail.

Write a script

Now that you have the concept, write a script and make sure it’s way to read and understand, another thing is make sure it’s within the targeted time of the video, also change the background, camera angle, and also wardrobe.

Pre-production planning

This step consists of getting permits, scrip reviewing, looking at the budget, choosing a location, choosing a date and time for the event, and getting all equipments needed. It’s one of the important steps no one should skip, there are some other things included in this third step like doing make-up, checking wardrobes and camera batteries.

Shoot the video

Once the above is all set, you are now ready for the shoot, and there are so many details you need to get right on this particular day. If you’ve followed the three steps correctly, then the entire process must be very smooth ( If not so, your day-night be tough.

Edit the video

Nowadays, editing has become so easy, and if you have to do anything more than basic editing, it’s good if you contact a professional to help he or she will help produce a great video.

Code the video

The video should be well coded for the results to be great, this will ensure the video produced is of high quality and can be watched from any device.