Decisions around video production

This short guide contains information compiled to give you a brief insight into what you have to do to become a Digital Video Producer! By the end of this guide you should be able to sit down and have an idea of what has to be done to make a good quality video.

Thinking of Ideas

Thinking of an idea on which to base your script can be tricky and complicated. Most great ideas arrive spontaneously and cannot be forced, if you try to force them you will most likely get more frustrated and make your writers block worse. To help you decide and finalise your idea it may be a good to have a look over this list and determine your objectives.

• To introduce a subject to a new audience,

• To demonstrate a process, technique, or equipment,

• To provide the historical background of a research initiative,

• Just for fun.

Budget Choice

Many different ideas are now probably running through your head, choosing an idea that fits into the budget can be quite hard. The list below will give you an idea on what to have to budget for:

• Client time available for pre-production,

• Number of new scenes/minutes need to be videotaped,

• Number of rough edits required,

• Deadline for completion,

• Length of final tape(s),

• Location Costs,

• Actor/Actress Costs.

How will the video be used?

Depending how the video is to be used depends on how you will shoot, script and publicize the video, it also give you an idea of costumes/outfits, the style of actors and location you are to use.

• Informational,

• Grant application or documentation,

• Conference presentation,

• Training new employees,

• Distance education,

• Pure entertainment,