Salon Furniture For The Discerning Salon

Can you imagine a salon without mirrors or counters? Probably not – which is why the right styling station is so important.

One thing that is never overlooked is the stylist chairs, also known as barber chairs. This, to many, is where the magic happens. Cutting, styling, dyeing, bleaching – these are all done in the stylist chair. Your clients may be in there for a while, so make sure this particular piece of salon furniture is comfortable. This is the last place you want your customers to wiggle around, trying to find a good position.

Part of styling is washing, especially when it comes to dyeing, bleaching, or perms. You’re going to need a proper shampoo bowl for that, complete with a chair that reclines back far enough to properly rinse the hair. Your shampoo bowl should be deep and equipped with a spray hose for deep rinsing.

Naturally, where there’s washing, there’s drying. There’s salon furniture for that, too. A dryer chair is yet another peaceful spot for a client to forget her cares while the gentle heat sets or deep conditions her newly styled hair. While wall-mounted or rolling dryers are available, a dryer chair gives the full experience.

The manicurist isn’t left out, either. Manicure tables, with padded armrests for the customer, are always a good idea. Don’t forget the manicurist – there are stools and chairs made just for the person working on the nails, as well as comfortable seats for those who are getting their nails done.

The pedicurist has the same kind of deal, but the salon furniture for the client can be much more elaborate. If you get the right chair, it can recline.

It can have a footbath with hot and cold jets of water to soften and relax and cleanse the feet. It can even have massage technology built inside the chair, giving the customer a full body treatment, just about literally from head to toe.

Salon furniture may seem like the least interesting part of a beauty parlor, but that’s far from the truth. It may well end up being one of the most important factors that determine the success of your salon, and the satisfaction of both your clients and your stylists.